Malware/Virus Removal at Panda Computers

“Malware”, “Spyware” and “Virus’s” are a greater problem today than ever. Popup’s

Only Good Virus is a Dead Virus

Only Good Virus is a Dead Virus












Most computers on the Internet today have malware and spyware that watches your every move. The purpose of theses programs in to make you afraid and pay the bad guys money. We can clean your computer and help you understand how to protect yourself against these bad programs.

Most repair shops or big box stores just remove the malware or virus and send you on your way. We here at Panda Computers try to help you understand how to prevent being infected and save you money and time.


Malware or Virus infection Symptoms:

  • Slow Boot
  • Pop-ups
  • Re-directed Web Searches
  • Programs Failing to Run
  • Strange E-mails
  • Computer Slows to a Crawl
  • and many many more

Screen Repairs Start at $90 + Tax.(1.5 hours Min.)

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