Data Recovery at Panda Computers Wenatchee

Losing important file or picture is never a fun or happy experience.  Getting back you hard work or family pictures is a relief, don’t worry we can help.

Crashed Hard Drive :(

Crashed Hard Drive 🙁











Types of Data Recovery:

  • None Booting Hard Drive
  • Virus/Malware Infected Hard Drives
  • Smart Error Detected Drives
  • Lost or Deleted Data*
  • Flash Drives Erased
  • Broken Flash or Camera Cards*
  • Scratched or Broken DVD’s*
  • Hard Drive that are not detected*
  • Password Lock or Windows Lock-Outs
  • Corrupted Profiles
  • Deleted Profiles*
  • Formatted Drives and Disc’s
  • call or other types of data recovery

We will do our best to get your data back, we are here to help you.


Data Recovery Starts at $60.00 + tax.

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* We cannot retrieve data from drives that have massive failures or fire or water damage, we will do our best. Some data can only be recovered from a company with a clean room. Some cannot be recovered at all. Data Recovery is no guaranteed.