Computer Repair at Panda Computers Wenatchee

For over 20 years Panda Computers has been fixing, upgrading and repairing computers. We can help your computer run more quickly, efficiently and correctly. Many times we can make in run better than new. Come see why we have thousands of happy customers.

Is Your Computer Doing One of the Following?:

  • Not Starting
  • Rebooting at Random
  • Overheating
  • Running Slow
  • No DVD Drive
  • No Internet
  • Not Charging
  • No Video
  • Mouse or Keyboard Dead
  • “Blue Screen of Death”
  • Out of Memory
  • Slow Video Playback
  • Slow Internet
  • No Internet
  • Fan Noises
  • Hard Drive Errors
  • and much much more

Computer Repairs Start at $60.00 + tax.

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